^^7^^^7%<   ASCII-art

llizard (aka ejm)original ASCII-art by llizard aka ejm

updated 30 August 2008; what’s new??

 |       |
 |  __H  |
 | /\- \ | ~---,        
 |/::\=-\|      \_,^%--- 
 ||::|[]||       />  \  I will be including just
_|_______|_  ___/ >     about everything I've drawn
    /|\     (# o) >     so there is a wildly
   / | \     '-~ /|^^   varying degree of quality.
  /  |  \ ejm    | \

You might be wondering exactly what ASCII-art is. There are ASCII-art FAQ that will tell you everything you need to know about ASCII-art.


People have drawn a wide variety of ASCII-art pictures. There are many links to other ASCII-art sites. You can see and comment on other people’s ASCII-art drawings by going to the newsgroup alt.ascii-art and/or VK’s webchat forum. But be very careful. That chat room can be quite addictive. But before you post any of your own ASCII-art, make sure you have read the ASCII-art FAQ or (for those who don’t like to read very much) at least looked at an ASCII character chart.

What’s new?? pages last updated 14 August 2008:
MOST RECENT: constellation: Ursa Major (The Great Bear), beachball
added in 28 November 2005: Christmas tree (for Advent calendar 2005); Advent calendar 2005 holly ©ejm