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In order to view these, you must have Netscape Navigator 3.01, MSIE 4.0, Opera 3.2b2 (or higher) with the Javascript enabled.

Originally, when this site was hosted by GeoCities and then by Cwahi, the animations could be viewed onsite. But sadly, because javascript is disallowed on, these text-based animations cannot be housed here. However, they – including the amazing javascript clock – can still be seen… here they are:

Please scroll down and choose the links on the left to see links to specific ASCII-animations.

Remember! In order to view the Javascript animations, you must have Netscape Navigator 3.01, MSIE 4.0, Opera 3.2b2 (or higher) with the Javascript enabled. These animations DON’T work in MSIE 3.0 because in their wisdom the MSIE people cleverly use a proportional font in the Javascript window.

llizardless animations:

} small band (Feb97)

} Mr. ASCII-head practices basketball (Feb98)

} Mr. ASCII-head plays one-on-one basketball (Feb98)

} beachball (Aug2008)

} bicycle (May98)

} blader (Nov97)

} Cat looking out window (Dec99)

} chair move (Jun97)

} charioteer (Feb98)

} cheerleader (Nov97)

} Decorating the Christmas Tree (Dec99)

} Decorating the Christmas Tree with ladder (Dec99)

} flying elephants (Aug98)

} horse walking (Jan98)

} horse trotting (Feb98)

} horse cantering (Jan98)

} horse galloping (Jan98)

} horse pronking (Feb98)

} Horse Gaits (Javascripting by Shimrod) (Feb98)

} hulahoop (Sep98)

} kite and tree (Apr98)

} kite (Apr08)

} lawnmower (May02)

} flying monkey (Mar97)

} Mushrooms in Motion – the sequel (Nov99)

} phoenix (Mar97)

} piano recital (Jun97)

} soroban (Jun2003)

} tango dancers (Feb97)

} tango dancers with band (Feb97)

} Tapdance (May99)

} taxtime (Apr98)

} tree (Jun98)

} watermark woes (Aug98)

} windy day (Jan99)

} java ASCII-animation of windy day (Jan99)

animations featuring llizard:

} at birthday bin (Feb97)

} at birthday bin again (Jul97)

} drawing (Feb97)

} fixing computer (Jul97)

} fishing (Nov97)

} fishing without mishap (Aug98)

} eating fly (Feb97)

} with horse (Jan98)

} juggling (Jul97)

} juggling badly (Aug97)

} laughing (Mar97)

} laughing harder (May97)

} laughing til it hurts (Jun97)

} in trash bin (Feb97)

} sends a valentine (Feb98)

} yoyo (Aug98)

other people’s art and/or animations:

} Boomerang by Matthew Thomas (Apr99)

} Fireworks exerpt by jgs (revised Mar98)

} Moguls by bbunny aka blm (Feb98)

} Mushroom in Motion by CeeJay (Nov99)

} Soldier by Valery Silivanov (May99)

} “Spot Walk” java ASCII-animation by Robert Haschart (Jul99)

} “Spot meets the evil Balloon” java ASCII-animation by Robert Haschart (Jul99)

} Spot Goes to the Movies by Robert Haschart (Jan98)

} Yikes, Macarena! (Mar97)

} “woman drinking” javascript ASCII-animation by Andrew Hood (Nov00)

These animations DON’T work correctly in MSIE 3.0 because in their wisdom the MSIE people cleverly use a proportional font in the Javascript window.

to windowless ASCII-animations (browser version 4 or higher)

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Please do not change or alter the animations. When you use any of these unaltered animations on your personal, non-commercial website, the following words should be on the same page or frame where the image is displayed.

ASCII-animation created by llizard aka ejm

You can also link to my site if you would like. To do that, copy and paste the following into your HTML, replacing “MY URL GOES HERE” with

ASCII-animation created by llizard aka ejm

Thank you.

If you would like to make one of these javascript animations yourself, I have made a template.

revised February 2000: There used to be a program that you could download from Celia’s site. If you read Spanish, look for And there was an English program too. From what I understand, the free ASCII editing program JavE can be used to created javascript animations. Karaboz has made a program entitled asciimator. (Luddite that I am, I haven’t actually tried either….)

There are other Javascript animators:

Andreas Freise
Around Midnight
Daniel Hunt
lolexworld (Polish)
Valery Silivanov



Do you know of more?




Go to the newsgroup alt.ascii-art.animation and tell me about them.












Any drawings you find on these pages are NOT, under any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes without my written permission.
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Once again, these javascript ASCII-animations are entirely text based. But image based animation fascinates me too. Perhaps you would like to see some gif animations I have created.