my reasons for leaving GeoC

by llizard (aka ejm)

As a protest, this is what I left behind after moving away from GeoC.

reasons for leaving….

In early July 1999, GeoCities merged with Yahoo! There are new terms of service so even though my gifs and gif animations are ridiculously useless, I have REMOVED them from the GeoCities site. I am tired of all the advertisements at the bottom of every page so I have moved absolutely all my ridiculously useless art to another site.
This site will remain here for a while until people have changed their bookmarks. You can find the new address by going to alt.ascii-art and looking at the signature of any message I have posted after 12 July.

To celebrate the move, I made new gif animations and updated my ASCII-art gallery.

In order to access my account after the Yahoo! takeover of Geocities, I had to sign acceptance of a new Terms of Service. I am not thrilled with it (please look at #7) and have REMOVED all gifs and animated gifs that I created from my GeoPages. Y!Geo has listened to the concerns and has altered the first TOS we had to sign to a certain extent. However, I do not like the idea that it appears that I have signed over to Y!Geo the right to alter and/or manipulate anything on my Y!Geo site. Or at least that’s what I understand from this Y!Geo statement: “By submitting Content to Yahoo for inclusion on your Yahoo GeoCities Site, you grant Yahoo the world-wide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the Content“.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   .         ______                  .  _______ 
   .        |popups|                 . |       |
   .        |galore|                 . | So I  |
   .        |on_NS3|_I_    _______   . | MOVED |
   .  ^    ___ | /\-_--\  |Y!Geo  |  . |_______|    
   . /|\  [Buy]|/  \_-__\ |ad goes|  .     |       
   . /|\    |   |[]| [] | |here __|  .     |  ,^%---
   .        |                 |      .     | <   \  The neighbourhood
   .           (`   |         |      .     \/ >\    became too commercial.
   .   ejm     ,) ()|)()      |      .        >/ 
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        /\^^
                                             \ \

GeoCitizens can chose between the geoguide and a new design called the Ad Square. The AdSquare is smaller and can be closed. However, that is not necessarily good news… as you can see from the following quote from the page about the ad square. “If a visitor views your page with a browser that isn’t at least version 4.0, a Pop-Up ad will appear. Unfortunately, older browsers are incapable of understanding the Ad Square’s technology.” This is indeed unfortunate news. Go to Ad Square for more information and GeoCities Comment Submission Form to express your views.

Every page on this site is adjusted so you should not be plagued by those hideous Geocities popups anywhere on this site. But on other GeoSites, people can choose between the popup stopping Geoguide or the AdSquare. If you have less than version 4 browser, you will get popups on any GeoSite with the AdSquare. If you have version 4 browser (or higher) you’ll get a really “nifty” ad that will hover over top of part of these words. See if you can figure out how to close it down…. And I thought the Geocities watermark was annoying. The iffy coding that is employed by Y!Geo causes page loading errors to occur and inexplicable letters to appear, disappear and reappear depending on which ad is in the loop. While I’m the first to admit that I’m no rose geranium and have been known to make a coding error or two myself, at least when I find out about it, I fix it. Y!Geo seems incapable of admitting to any errors (unless they have been fixed) and will hold onto poor coding for a ridiculous length of time. Perhaps Y!Geo will change this policy of denial some day but that day has not yet arrived. Is it any wonder that I moved?