ridiculous colour test

by llizard (aka ejm)

colour test using nonstandard colours
(poorly colourized ASCII art)

In 1995, when we got our first computer, before I understood anything at all about hexadecimal numbers, my sister and I regaled ourselves by seeing what would happen when we used entirely non-standard colours on an HTML page. The following is the body tag we used.

<body alink="#silly" bgcolor="#tomfoolery" link="#llizard" 
text="#colour" vlink="#ridiculous">

Not surprisingly, the page will NOT be rendered “correctly” here. WordPress does not like “tomfoolery” as a background colour… I had to cheat and use a real hexadecimal number for the background.

In 1995, I wrote:


I decided to play this HTML colour game that my sister thought of.

But it isn’t a good idea to USE these colours because they aren’t hexadecimal and they won’t work everywhere. In fact, they probably only work here in Netscape if you’re running Windows95!

          /_,^%---  ha
           />  \ ha
      ____/ >     ha
     (#  o) >
      '--~ /|^^
ejm        | \

What a beautiful colour! (On my machine it is, anyway.) It is called “#LLIZARD”. And this colour is called “#BBUNNY”. I just randomly put names into the colour slots. This colour is called “#VKSBEST”. T will be so relieved that he has a colour other than black. !!!!!! I am still trying to blunder my way onto a yellow or white with an “#0SC11WEE”. This sister would be quite pleased with her colour. How disappointing for my sister that her name makes such an awful colour. And this is lovely and quite pleasing for the sister it’s named for. My niece would like that her name turns pink. My mother would be quite happy with this colour.

“#PANCAKES” are one of my favourite breakfasts. We decided not to use “#OATMEAL” in the batter. oooooo (How ironic that “#CRANBERRY” is correct.) But we thought that this would be a good addition to the pancakes. We thought that “#PECANS” would also be good in the pancakes. With plenty of “#MAPLESYRUP”. And of course we’ll have #COFFEE too. (I certainly hope that it doesn’t turn out to be the same colour as “#COFFEE”!) With plenty of “#CREAM”. (The background colour for this page is appropriately named #TOMFOOLERY)

Here is a screenshot that I took of the page when it was on the previous server:


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